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Wirex: A Visa Credit Card for Cryptocurrencies

At the end of the twentieth century, online banks came to disturb the soft existence of traditional banks, BNP Paribas, Societe Generale et al. The Fortuneo, Hello Bank and other ING Direct were, however, nerdy by the N26 / Revolut storms and their promises of absolute reactivity. In the vein of these two pioneers, we

Anthos: Google tackles multicloud

This Tuesday, June 18, during the Google Summit in Paris, the group officially presents to the French market its Google Anthos solution. This cloud management platform (CMP) “is designed to deploy applications in different cloud environments, so developers do not have to be familiar with each provider’s APIs, and once the application is created and

N26 in the sights of the German regulator

Neobanks overwhelmed by their hyper growth? The BaFin, the German banking regulator, demanded on Wednesday, May 22, the neo-bank N26 commitments in the fight against financial crime, with in its view the issue of opening accounts under false identities. BaFin asks the mobile bank to “take appropriate internal safeguards”, including the hiring of staff and

Pixpay raises 3.5 million $ for its neobank dedicated to teens

After the wave of neobanks for individuals and for professionals, here are the neo-bars for teenagers. Among them, Pixpay, a company created in January 2019 and already announcing its first fundraising at 3.1 million euros. Global Founders Capital, the armed arm of Rocket Internet, leads this roundtable alongside ten business angels, including fintech bosses such

TransferWise is now valued at $ 3.5 billion

The UK money transfer platform brings new investors to its capital as part of a secondary transaction valuing $ 3.5 billion, against $ 1.6 billion in its last round of the end of 2017. Profitable , the startup claims today 5 million customers. The rumor of a new round has been running for a few

Cloud storage: OVH and Scaleway break prices against Americans

In the field of object storage, cloud providers are engaged in a real price war. On the one hand, the American giants Amazon, Microsoft and Google do not hesitate to charge for the least processing done on the data they host (Copy, Get, List, Post). On the historical model of Amazon, Google and Microsoft apply,

Microsoft introduces its new Web browser

Microsoft finally unveils some of the novelties embedded in the next version of its browser Chromium Edge. On the agenda: privacy, note taking and an Internet Explorer mode. In his next browser Chromium Edge. Microsoft is focusing on better tracking control over the Internet and a promising new way to gather information online. Microsoft is

Amazon maintains dominance in the cloud market

With a turnover up 47.1% in 2018, the American giant assumes more than ever its leadership. Microsoft, Google and Alibaba remain serious challengers, but not IBM. In 2018, Amazon remains very much ahead of the cloud market. Its growth in this segment is not weakening. The giant of IaaS records a rise of 47.1% of