Google Chrome shows lite pages on Android when your connection is too slow

Google has incorporated a new feature in Chrome 73 on Android to display web pages faster when the connection speed is reduced.

On his blog, Google said it integrated Chrome Lite Pages, a new feature available on Android to load web pages faster when the connection speed is low. This new feature is in addition to the data saver that, once activated, puts your traffic on Google’s servers for optimization, before returning the lightened pages to your device.

According to Google, Lite Pages can improve page loading times by up to 90% on slow connections, where they typically take tens of seconds, or even minutes.

Google says that when Lite Pages comes into action, Chrome will only replace static content like images and text, but will not affect other sensitive data, which will always be negotiated directly between the user’s Chrome browser and the sites. destination. “When Chrome optimizes an HTTPS page, only the URL is shared with Google,” said the company’s engineers in a blog post.

“Other information – cookies, login information and custom content of pages – are not shared with Google,” they said. To enable Lite Pages, Chrome for Android users only need to enable the Data Saver option in the Chrome settings. Users can also enable Lite Pages on all sites using the # force-effective-connection Chrome flag to place the browser in a permanent 2G state.

Webmasters can prevent Chrome from loading their sites in Lite Pages mode and remove ads by declaring certain settings in the site’s headers



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