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Sony and Siemens Unveil Mixed Reality Headset

Sony’s Leap into Immersive Engineering At CES 2024, Sony revealed a groundbreaking mixed reality headset, designed in partnership with Siemens, aimed at transforming the world of Computer-Aided Design (CAD). This collaboration marks Sony’s ambitious entry into immersive engineering, offering a state-of-the-art solution for industrial designers and CAD professionals. Innovative Features of Sony’s Mixed Reality Headset

Asus Airvision M1: Revolutionizing Mobile Displays at CES 2024

Introducing Asus Airvision M1 at CES 2024 At CES 2024, Asus made waves with the unveiling of the Airvision M1, a groundbreaking augmented reality eyewear designed to expand the capabilities of smartphones and computers. These glasses, connected via USB-C, represent a significant leap in mobile display technology, marrying convenience with high-tech innovation. The Technical Marvel

Augmented reality: Meta acquires the manufacturer of smart lenses Luxexcel

Luxexcel, a Dutch company founded in 2009, claims to be able to integrate the elements needed to create an augmented reality experience into an optical glass, such as a holographic film. Meta continues to advance on the development of technologies related to the metaverse and formalizes the acquisition of Luxexcel, a manufacturer of smart lenses.

Oculus VR: John Carmack becomes a consultant

The co-founder of id Software and co-creator of the Doom, Quake and Wolfenstein licenses now wants to focus on the development of artificial intelligences. Chief technology officer at Oculus VR (a subsidiary of the Facebook social network) for the past five years, John Carmack has contributed to the improvement of the Oculus Rift. In order