Steam Valve Index Utilization Rate Increases But Remains Far Below Rift S

Valve bet on the high end with its new reality helmet. Its price exceeds 1000 euros, but it offers an unparalleled experience in the consumer VR market. This is not a guarantee of success. By focusing on ease of use and a reasonable price, Facebook has so far conquered three times more Steam users than its rival.

3.3% of SteamVR users are now equipped with a Valve Index, compared to 1.46% for the launch month. A modest growth that reflects the choice of Valve to favor the visual and sound fidelity of the experience at the expense of price and ease of use. As a reminder the Valve Index is sold 1079 euros, against 449 euros for the Oculus Rift S.

In comparison the Rift S rose by 2.45 points, from 8.4 to 10.85%. It therefore takes a lead on the Index, but also exceeds the ecosystem Windows Mixed Reality, which decreases by one point to 8.2% against 9.3% last month. However, it includes half a dozen different headsets (Acer, HP, Samsung, Lenovo …), the first were marketed two years ago and whose prices have sometimes fallen to less than 150 dollars.

These helmets designed with the help of Microsoft were also the first to benefit from a tracking inside out. The original Oculus Rift is on the back side (from 40.9% to 37.7%), as is HTC Vive (from 37% to 35.4%).



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