Amazon maintains dominance in the cloud market

With a turnover up 47.1% in 2018, the American giant assumes more than ever its leadership. Microsoft, Google and Alibaba remain serious challengers, but not IBM.

In 2018, Amazon remains very much ahead of the cloud market. Its growth in this segment is not weakening. The giant of IaaS records a rise of 47.1% of its turnover, to 25.4 million dollars. Result: its market share increases slightly. It goes from 31.5% to 31.7% from one year to the next. With annual increases of 82.4%, 93.9% and 91.8% respectively, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud and Alibaba Cloud all see their market share grow more significantly. Three points for the first (at 16.8%), 2 points for the second (at 8.5%) and 1 point for the third (at 4%). As for IBM, which comes just behind them, its penetration rate dropped from 4.7% to 3.8%. Conclusion: Amazon’s market share is still above the market share of these four major challengers added together.



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