iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro: the new smartphones from Apple

Apple has unveiled its iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max. These last two embark a triple sensor photo and will be sold from 1 159 €. Apple has indeed unveiled three new smartphones during its keynote September 10. The entry-level model, the iPhone 11, has a 6.1-inch LCD screen, a dual

Roaming: how the IoT communicates outside the borders

What is it? Roaming is the fact of using one’s mobile to call, send / receive messages (SMS and MMS) and browse the Internet via another operator than his own. Waves of harmonization of roaming charges between French and foreign operators have allowed the development of international and European roaming: it is becoming increasingly easy

Google prepares a paid subscription to the Play Store

Inspired by the future Apple Play service, Google is testing a formula giving access to games and apps for 4.99 euros per month. All the operators and all the publishers know it: the paid subscription is much more lucrative than the sale by the unit. This is especially true for Netflix-like services, which gives unlimited

New iPhone: a low-cost version for China?

Apple was on a version reserved for the Chinese market. Less expensive and equipped with a Touch ID fingerprint sensor under the screen, this new iPhone must allow it to remain competitive rates. Apple would be ready to make substantial savings to regain sales shares in a large and competitive Chinese market. The local site

The Samsung Galaxy Fold would be “ready to enter the market”

Following serious technical problems discovered late, Samsung made the decision to postpone the marketing of its foldable smartphone, the Galaxy Fold. Today he would finally be ready. “The Galaxy Fold is ready to enter the market”. These words come out of Samsung Display Vice President Kim Seong-cheol during a conference organized by the Korean Information

Smartphone : Honor 10 Review

Performance Unlike the Chinese model, the European Honor 10 has only 4 GB of RAM (not 6). However, it is coupled with the Kirin 970, a high-end processor found on the best smartphones Huawei. Suffice to say that we can expect very good performance. In benchmarks, this superiority is felt directly in comparison with direct

Apple will prepare a new Ipad a little more Affordable

When we talk about Apple products, we think directly of their exorbitant price. Prices so high that they were the cause of poor sales of the iPhone in 2018. Last year, the Cupertino company had great difficulty selling its products. Aware of this, the apple brand wants to change the game. Apple began by lowering

The Discret Bet Of Samsung In The Blockchain

The manufacturer has taken care not to make a sales pitch in the West, but the new Samsung Galaxy S10 has a secure cryptocurrency wallet. Leaks have unveiled other features that could promote the democratization of blockchain technology. The company has remained discreet about the actual level of protection, which prevents us from giving you