Facebook buys Spanish start-up PlayGiga, specialist in cloud gaming

Facebook bought the Spanish start-up PlayGiga, specialist in cloud gaming. The operation, which would amount to 70 million euros, will allow it to accelerate its diversification … and not be too late on the other GAFAMs, which launch their service in turn.

Facebook is continuing its efforts in the video game field. Mark Zuckeberg’s company confirmed to our American colleagues at CNBC on Wednesday, December 18, that it has acquired the Spanish start-up PlayGiga. Specialized in cloud gaming, it could, in the long term, allow its new parent company to develop an online service … and to catch up with other GAFAMs in this niche. According to the Spanish economic newspaper Cinco Dias, the amount of the acquisition would amount to 70 million euros.


Founded in 2013, the young Spanish company has for a time marketed a cloud gaming service in Europe. It has also forged partnerships with various telecom operators across the continent in order to develop a technology allowing to take full advantage of 5G to play streaming video games.

The Gaming division of Facebook, which claims 700 million monthly users, is therefore expanding a little more with this acquisition. Last month, she gave herself the independent studio Beat Games to strengthen herself on the creation of content.

The company also took advantage of the release of Oculus Rift S and Quest headsets this year to announce the Horizon social network for virtual reality. Proof of its desire to accelerate in this niche, the firm of Mark Zuckerberg decided to integrate a “Gaming” tab in its main application … when it was initially launched as a standalone application.