will develop reliable artificial intelligence in open source

The Mozilla Foundation invests $30 million in the creation of to redefine the artificial intelligence market.

Led by Moez Draief, an AI expert who has worked in research units at Huawei and Capgemini,’s mission is to facilitate the development of reliable AI applications and products. Surrounded by entrepreneurs, developers, scientists, product managers, and other builders, this new startup, a separate entity from the Mozilla Foundation and Mozilla Corp, aims to build an independent and decentralized ecosystem to offer reliable open-source artificial intelligence.

Mark Surman, executive director of the Mozilla Foundation, said:

Artificial intelligence is, of course, one of the defining topics of 2023.

This technology forces us to reconsider not only our thinking about the internet but also communication, creativity, and society as a whole. While it has generated excitement, there is also apprehension about it. If the next wave of AI has considerable potential, particularly to improve society, this will only be possible by putting human action and user interests at the heart of concerns, and by prioritizing transparency and accountability. We are currently at a turning point in artificial intelligence, which represents a real opportunity to build technology with different values, new outcomes, and a better model. And that’s what aims to do.

Mozilla Ventures, another subsidiary to invest in responsible tech companies The Mozilla Foundation plans to invest $35 million with Mozilla Ventures in companies specializing in privacy protection, digital power decentralization, and building more reliable AI – and which also have strong commercial success potential.

Three investments have already been made:

Secure AI Labs (SAIL), a company that uses advanced security and artificial intelligence technologies to secure patient data and advance medical collaboration. The goal is to advance research and innovation in bioinformatics through a platform that enables faster and more secure data access, ultimately improving healthcare for all Block Party, a social media security application designed to address the realities of online harassment. It allows people who are regularly harassed to safely participate in public conversations on social media by setting their content boundaries Heylogin, a “swipe-to-login” password management solution designed for businesses. Mainly aimed at SMEs, Heylogin is billed per user and enables companies to manage shared passwords and individual accounts



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