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Anthos: Google tackles multicloud

This Tuesday, June 18, during the Google Summit in Paris, the group officially presents to the French market its Google Anthos solution. This cloud management platform (CMP) “is designed to deploy applications in different cloud environments, so developers do not have to be familiar with each provider’s APIs, and once the application is created and

YouTube Originals: series and shows coming soon

Contrary to paying streaming services, the video platform will broadcast its original content for free, with advertising. As we announced a few months ago (see news), YouTube intends to broadcast free original content. On YouTube Brandcast 2019, an event for advertisers, the platform yesterday confirmed on its official blog that original programs and series would

Google Search: 2019 Update

URL filtering , collection of domains of a site or analysis of structured data. Search Console has been enriched with many new data this year. Without knowing what Google wants, the Search Console reveals to SEO what Google sees. Also, when the tool launches several features, these are all new perspectives that open to them