Pinterest adds notes, dates and recommendations to its boards

After optimizing and facilitating shopping on its platform and adding a touch of topicality to its interface, Pinterest continues to develop its social network. This time, by offering new features to his paintings. From now on, you will be able to add notes, dates and even discover thematic recommendations.

Pinterest wants to help you make your projects a reality

If Pinterest is doing well in the first quarter of 2020 despite the context of Covid-19, the social network has also recorded on its platform the multiplication of tables dedicated to virtual activities as a result of the global pandemic (+ 50% between March and April) . So, to further simplify the organization of its inspiration boards, Pinterest is unveiling new features.

First, there is now the option for users to add comments and notes to their tables, as well as dates. Pinterest explains on its blog:

“It is therefore now possible to add comments to the tables, to note the ingredients of a recipe or the tasks of a project, but also dates to help you stay on track and receive recommendations at the right time.”

A more detailed organization of tables

Pinterest has also planned a more detailed organization of its tables, with the possibility of grouping pins into thematic sub-tables. These can be directly offered by the social network and created automatically. Again, the platform illustrates this new functionality with an example:

“Suppose you have recorded an astronomical number of children’s activities on a board, hoping to try them one day. It will be much easier to get started if they are organized into sub-tables, such as “art projects” and “outdoor games”. “

Finally, Pinterest now also offers “template suggestions for discovering ideas and sub-tables as soon as you record a first pin. If you are planning a dinner with friends for example, the platform will make sure to present you with sub-tables and ideas for decoration, recipes that you can cook, drinks or even activities that you can offer to your guests.



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