Global Internet traffic up 70% due to containment

A third of the world’s population has been confined for several weeks. Part of us continues to work from home, while other workers are forced to stop. The consequences of this new way of life are immediate: Internet traffic has increased considerably. Initial Omdia estimates suggest that the number of connections has increased by 70% in regions of the world where containment policies are at their peak.

The consequences for Internet traffic are already palpable

In its study, Omdia takes three elements into account: internet traffic, video streaming and electronic commerce. These are probably the three areas that should be the most impacted (positively) by the containment measures that we are currently experiencing. The total number of Internet visits has increased from 50 to 70%, according to preliminary statistics. Logically, streaming has also increased. Plus 12%, according to initial estimates by analysts. According to Alfonso Marone, media manager at KPMG in the UK:

“Where containment policies are at their peak in Europe, the increase in internet traffic has reached 70%. We can expect this situation to become more widespread in the coming weeks around the world ”.

The consequences for e-commerce will also quickly be palpable. Take Amazon as an example: the global online retail giant has announced that it needs to recruit 100,000 more people in the United States alone to keep up with the surge in demand. On March 14, the company said, “We are seeing a significant increase in demand, which means that our labor needs are unprecedented for this time of year. So we have to recruit massively ”.

All sectors will be impacted by this crisis

According to Maria Rua Aguete of Omdia, Informa Tech’s technology research department: “We are seeing increased consumption of web content from mobile apps, free streaming TV and games in China and Italy. Streaming services like Netflix and Disney + are expected to grow 12%. E-commerce revenues are expected to increase by 5% ”. Containment is doing pretty well in the webosphere.

Yes, but for the other sectors, the losses are heavy: $ 11 billion less for the film industry. Revenues also down on television advertising, minus 15%, especially for advertisements highlighting events. Advertising on social networks should also be impacted.



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