Apple could propose a pack of its services in 2020

Apple today offers many services via paid subscription. And unfortunately, there is currently no pack by grouping several. In other words, you have to subscribe to each separately if you want to take advantage of it. A pack could see the day in 2020.

For some time now, there have been rumors that Apple may be putting on one foot a bundle of several of its services in a single subscription. That would greatly simplify the underwriting, and that would lighten the final bill, to these various services. Still, at the last, nothing is done yet. Today, a new rumor seems to think that this subscription would be scheduled for next year.

The Apple service pack planned for 2020?

If we believe a recent Bloomberg article, this pack could arrive in 2020. It is difficult to know at the moment what services it would contain precisely because the Cupertino company has multiplied them lately. The Apple brand is now offering its customers Apple News +, Apple TV +, Apple Music, Apple Arcade and iCloud. Some rumors claimed that Apple was currently in discussion with music labels to try to get them into this pack but the latest news the negotiations were in their infancy.

But with what services precisely?

Still, a pack of several services, or all, would make a lot of sense for Apple. This would in particular highlight services that are a little less popular than others, and accelerate, indirectly, their development. Remains obviously the question of the price of this possible pack. It is impossible to make an estimate but it is certain that the amount requested will be less expensive than the sum of each service paid unitarily. None of this is yet official, Apple taking its time to refine its offer, but it is clear that the Apple brand is banking on subscriptions for the future in the short and medium term. Such a pack will not be a surprise when it arrives.



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