Duolingo adds a family offer and five new diapers to its catalog

Duolingo is full of new features with, among other things, a family package, new languages, new exercises and a new application to come for mathematics.

During its annual Duocon conference, Duolingo announced several updates for its language learning app. Among the new features is the introduction of a family plan that offers access to Duolingo Plus for up to six people with a single subscription.

Duolingo is full of new products

This package offers great perks like Unlimited Hearts – so you can keep learning longer after you make mistakes – and an option to preserve your continuous lesson series if you miss a day. Subscribers will also not see any advertising in the app. Among the new features, a hub where you can view all your mistakes and an advanced Legendary Level to test your language skills.

Family plan, new languages, new exercises and a new app to come

The family plan costs around $ 120 per year but there is currently no monthly payment option. The standard plan, meanwhile, costs $ 80 per year or $ 13 per month. You can easily add accounts on shared devices and track the progress of your family members.

In addition, Duolingo hopes to make it easier to learn languages not based on the Latin alphabet, such as Japanese, Korean, Russian, Greek, Arabic and Hindi. The company announces that it has developed new kinds of exercises to help users better understand these pictogram-based languages.

And at the same time, five new languages will be appearing very soon: Haitian Creole, Zulu, Xhosa, Tagalog and Maori. Duolingo worked with the South African organization Nal’ibali for Zulu and Xhosa lessons.

Duolingo is also working on an application to teach elementary level mathematics. This app will use the same methods as for language learning and should arrive next year. Duolingo is also improving its BirdBrain artificial intelligence algorithm, apparently making it capable of creating personalized lessons at an appropriate level of difficulty.



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