YouTube Music tests preload of upcoming albums in its library

YouTube Music continues to refine its music streaming service. This requires fixes and additions of new features. Some users have had the opportunity to pre-add future albums to their libraries.

Before the advent of digital music, music fans had to go to the store to pre-order a particular album to come from their favorite singer or band. Today, pre-orders are a well-known concept in online commerce. But what about music streaming? Order pre-order an album in digital version? YouTube Music seems to have a solution.

YouTube Music Tests “Preloading” of Future Albums

Some users have told Reddit that YouTube Music recently allowed them to “pre-record” albums that have not yet been released. This means that they have been able to save these albums to their library and will be able to listen to them as soon as they are officially available. And this instantly, without having to add them manually. This should allow fans to enjoy more simply, and more quickly the albums sometimes highly anticipated by their favorite artists.

To enjoy the music of his favorite artists as soon as it is available

YouTube has not yet officially communicated on this feature. In other words, it is most certainly still a test on certain users handpicked by the giant. But this new option should appear soon, if the feedback is good. To be continued !



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