Apple Watch Series 6: still the same screen?

Apple Watch Series 5

The Apple Watch has been evolving regularly since its launch in September 2014. The Cupertino company, as usual, incorporates more advanced components, more efficient with each generation. What to expect for the Apple Watch Series 6?

When Apple launched its Apple Watch Series 4 – it was September 21, 2018 – the apple brand introduced a subtle but nevertheless appreciable change in design: a slightly larger screen. The Cupertino company decided to keep this screen on its Series 5. And it seems that Apple has chosen to continue with this same design for its future Series 6.

Micro LED point for the Apple Watch Series 6?

If you expected to discover a new screen design for the Apple Watch Series 6, you might be disappointed to the extent that it was not planned. At least if you believe a tweet from @Lovetodream. The Cupertino company would have decided to continue for its Series 6 with the same screen as the previous models. In other words, the changes with this new generation would be mainly located in the innards of the watch. Several rumors raised the possibility that Apple would switch to a micro LED screen for the Apple Watch and the Series 6 would be the first to benefit from it…

The OLED will always be part of this year’s watch

But in a sense, the decision, if proven, to continue with an OLED screen is also very sensible. In fact, one of the OLED display suppliers to the Cupertino firm, JDI, received a capital injection of around $ 1 billion a few months ago, followed by an investment of an additional $ 200 million. from a company that is none other than Apple. This would show that the apple brand is very attached to JDI and its products, including its OLED screens. So they could very logically end up in this year’s Apple Watch. The fact remains that this information is to be taken with tweezers, to be placed in the folder of rumors around the Apple Watch while awaiting an official presentation.