Galaxy S24: Samsung’s Leap into Generative AI

Integrating AI into the Galaxy Series

Samsung is revolutionizing the smartphone world with its latest Galaxy S24 series, deeply embedding generative AI into its functionality. Unveiled by the tech giant, these new features include advanced translation, transcription, text formatting, and photo editing tools, making the Galaxy S24 a valuable asset for professionals. This integration marks a significant leap in smartphone technology, bringing AI capabilities directly into users’ hands.

Design and Performance Upgrades

The Galaxy S24 series, including the standard S24, S24+, and the Ultra version, showcases a design evolution, especially the Ultra model’s switch to a sleek titanium body. Each model features upgraded processors – the S24 Ultra boasting a Snapdragon 8 Gen 3, while its siblings are powered by the Exynos 2400. These hardware improvements are not just for show; they’re essential for supporting the sophisticated AI applications Samsung has integrated into these devices.

Groundbreaking AI Features

Samsung’s focus on generative AI transforms everyday smartphone use. The Galaxy AI suite includes a real-time Translation feature in the Phone app, supporting 13 languages, and an Interpreter Mode for seamless conversation translation. Furthermore, the Voice Recorder app now has an automatic transcription feature, recognizing up to 10 speakers in 13 languages locally, and up to 100 languages via cloud processing.

The Future of Mobile Photography

Photography gets an AI overhaul too. The S24 series boasts high-quality camera specs, with AI-driven suggestions for image enhancements and the ability to create whimsical backgrounds. Plus, a new feature called “Surround to Search”, in partnership with Google, allows users to search the web by selecting any part of an image.

Availability and Advanced Security

These innovative smartphones will hit the market on January 31st, with prices starting at €899. Samsung also emphasizes security, offering 7 years of security updates, a standout feature among Android smartphones.



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