Wikipedia co-founder launches a social network without ads

A very daring project launched by Jimmy Wales, who will try to exist against the mastodon Facebook.

WT: Social for WikiTribune is a new player in the sector yet very clogged social networks. Where Facebook, Instagram and Twitter have reigned supreme for more than a decade, despite various scandals related to the confidentiality of user data, alternatives have also emerged such as Diaspora and Mastodon, open-source solutions focused on the protection of life private.

The co-founder of Wikipedia Jimmy Wales is the origin of the project, which explains on his site that “WikiTribune wants to be different” social networks having caused harm to their users, spread fake news and “caring only about the ‘commitment”. WT: Social announces from the outset never sell the data and rely on an economic model based on “the generosity of donors to ensure the protection of privacy.” In the form of a spade to Facebook, the pitch insists on its desire “to eliminate harmful users” because it is right, and not because they suddenly affect our results. “

An ambitious project

This project is not the first of its kind for Jimmy Wales, who launched WikiTribune in 2017, a kind of social network focused on news coverage by journalists, professional or otherwise, to fight the flow of fake news. Launch WT: Social however is much more ambitious, the Google company itself had to stop the costs of its social network Google Plus face the monopoly of Facebook. The future will tell if this initiative will be more successful.