Smartphone : Honor 10 Review


Unlike the Chinese model, the European Honor 10 has only 4 GB of RAM (not 6). However, it is coupled with the Kirin 970, a high-end processor found on the best smartphones Huawei. Suffice to say that we can expect very good performance. In benchmarks, this superiority is felt directly in comparison with direct competition. We have here a smartphone capable of obtaining the same scores as a high-end device. In fact, the difference is much less obvious. As said earlier, the interface is a little heavy and is not perfectly smooth although the applications charge quite quickly, and the performance at stake is not phenomenal. On an Arena of Valor for example, the Honor 10 fluctuates between 36 and 40 FPS, with falls to 32 FPS during big fights. In addition, it heats a lot, which may damage the phone in the long run, but especially makes unpleasant long play sessions. It remains, however, one of the most powerful phones in its price range at the moment.


No stereo for the Honor 10, you have to settle for a speaker located on the lower edge of the phone. It does however have the merit of being high when the phone is held horizontally, which makes it possible not to plug it too easily during the game sessions. The speaker is however a little feeble, even at full volume, and will not allow to enjoy the sound of the smartphone in areas a little noisy. The advantage is that it does not suffer from crackling or unpleasant saturations, even thoroughly. Conversely, he does not suffer too much bass, very little marked. So we will rather turn to a headset, that can be plugged into a jack, if you want a little power and the correct bass (but still weak hair). A lesser evil to enjoy a well balanced sound overall, with highs and mediums quality.


The Honor 10 has a dual camera of 24 (monochrome) + 16 megapixel (RGB), with an aperture f / 1.8. The second objective, however, provides very little added value since the x2 zoom proposed in the interface is digital. It is therefore mainly used to create the bokeh portrait mode, what some phones (like Pixel 2) do with a single lens, and to propose monochrome, very situation. Overall, the camera is not bad, we can even say that it is pretty good for this price range. The dive is ok overall (without reaching the smoothness of premium smartphones long distance) and gives a good result, and the management of color and brightness is at most, to transcribe properly what the human eye sees , with its faults.


On paper, the Honor 10 has all a Honor View 10 or a Huawei P20, but once in hand, the price difference is explained, at least in part. Although not as good as its two cousins, the Honor 10 remains a safe bet, particularly pleasant in hand and far from being unpleasant to use. However, it remains behind on some points, especially because of a processor that heats a little when asked a bit too much (compared to a Snapdragon Series 6), an ultra-sonic footprint sensor that slows a little use and especially an artificial intelligence that spoils the photos more than embellish them. But when the price enters the equation, the Honor 10 stands proudly as a pillar of its price range, alongside a Zenfone 5. It remains behind the Nokia 7+ on some points, which will certainly think a number of consumers.



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