The Google Stadia controller is available for preorder

Google unveiled a few days ago its video game streaming service, Google Stadia. Today, the Mountain giant opens the pre-orders for the Stadia controller alone, but there is a but. On June 6, Google opened the pre-orders of Google Stadia, its cloud gaming service.

To be exact, for the moment, only the Founder’s Edition, for 129 € , with the official controller, a Chromecast Ultra and 3 months of Stadia Pro subscription, is available.

The Stadia controller available for pre-order

The offer will be expanded in the coming months, of course. Today, Google has also launched the pre-orders for the controller Google Stadia alone. Its price, 69 €, with an output scheduled for November – along with the service itself -. But beware, “You will not be able to play Stadia immediately if you just buy a Stadia controller.”

You will still need the Founder’s Edition or a Buddy Pass to enjoy

It would be quite natural for anyone who already has a Chromecast Ultra or just wants to play on a computer or mobile device with the official controller just to acquire that controller. But it does not seem like Google thinks of it: “Buy the Stadia controller alone if you already have access to Stadia via the Founder’s Edition and need a second controller, or if you have access via a Buddy Pass and want to use the Stadia controller.

” The Buddy Pass allows a friend to enjoy a 3 month subscription to Stadia Pro. This one will however be transmitted only “in the six months which follow the expedition of your Founder’s Edition”, in other words not for next November … A decision rather difficult to understand and which should make rage a certain number of players.



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